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In response to: Day 10 - A Three-MCCS Mission Architecture

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In Day 17, we’ll reexamine the number of ships required, concluding that we need a dedicate cargo ship to bring the necessary solar panels to power Nostromo’s ISRU plants.  We’ll call that ship Serenity, simply because the S helps me remember it’s carrying solar panels.

02/05/19 @ 07:48 pm

In Musk’s 17 Sep 2018 presentation, he identified several precursor missions with tentative dates:

2019: hopper flights from Texas facility
2020: BFS high altitude tests
2020: BFR booster tests
2021 (aspirational): multiple orbital flights prior to any crewed flights
Before #dearMoon mission: probable lunar flyby, unmanned

09/23/18 @ 05:14 pm